Lesson Planning Assignment

Motivational Technique 

Story Telling I chose this resource as it provides a number of great options to tell stories in a digital medium. I am a strong believer in stories as a way to share our experience and knowledge. Having different options is important to me; you know to keep it fresh!

I noted that some of the resources appeared more developed for kids rather than adults, that being said I believe when used correctly it can also bring humor into the classroom; which is also a motivational technique.

This tool is something I would use for my lessons…

Here is a neat example: (clearly a higher level than I will likely hit!)

Side note – this was an interesting article on story telling and oral history (Enjoy!)

Maguire (1998) says, “We are all made of stories. They are as
fundamental to our soul, intellect, imagination, and way of life as flesh, bone, and blood are to our bodies” (p. 37).This author claims that all human beings have an affinity for storytelling and that our personal stories are “sacred to us” and can also be a source for “solace, centering, grounding, and decision making” (p. 39).

Discussing our stories with others helps us internalize and integrate our learning into our conceptual framework of knowledge (Brown, Denning, Groh, & Prusak, 2005)… Continue reading

Characteristics of Adult Learners

Experiential Learning

Upon looking at experiential learning, I immediately recognized it by another name…  Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) a cycle I use daily with projects in the workplace.



I have found this to be a great method to evaluate my projects and had given little thought that I was in fact formally learning through evaluation and reflection of the project was working or needing adjustment…

Practical hands on”cause and effect” learning with reflection  is a powerful tool.






These two sites/articles provided valuable insight to the power of feedback. Remember Uncle Ben’s critical advise to Peter Parker (Spider-man) “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Feedback is an important part of the adult learners experience and understanding of their learning journey. I value the connection feedback provides between the facilitator and the learner and is an important consideration for my classroom setting.


Blooms Taxonomy 

Affective Domain – Emotion 

In wanting to bring my PID education within a healthcare focus as much as possible, I started looking for resources directed broadly at healthcare, often it ends up with a ‘nursing’ focus; in reality this focus often fits the mold for most care providers be it clinical or administrative.




This article really opened my eyes to how affective domain can play a strategic part in the facilitation of a health professionals’ learning; bringing about critical thinking and  an evidence-based education focus on content but also on  values, morals and ethics in a harmonious way to better client care and outcomes. I plan on keeping this values based approach a part of my classroom.





YouTube, Ted Talks, and Social Networking Sites (SNS) has really revolutionized being able to share ideas, learn and build communities of learning.

paper_3053_39408 (1) was a very interesting read on incorporating social media into adult learning environments for course discussions, feedback and support. This paper really brought me back to  a Ted Talk I posted by John Green… Maybe “Okay” will be our always

Here is another video for you Ted Talk junkies like myself:

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