Skype Call Reflection & Learning Partner Articles

I had my Skype call with my learning partner on December 26th… I know a crazy time to be stopping and connecting! This was a part of the beauty of our utilization of web conferencing services like Skype. This service allowed us in the middle of our busy days to connect, share and learn.

It has been my experience that many people do not like connecting video or may have limited exposure to it in their work roles or daily lives. In my role at work we use Microsoft Lync a lot, I think this is why I had more comfort with the concept of the assignment.

Daljeet and I may have started off nervous and unsure of what to say next, although once we moved passed the awkwardness of this being our first encounter sharing out ideas and articles became fluid.

I found it interesting that we had similar choices in both our trends in our field of work articles as well as some of our lesson planning category choices. I found it validating that personal hand held technology was seen as a emerging trend in our field in healthcare. While Daljeet’s background is clinical healthcare and mine administrative healthcare the trend appears to be strong in our field.  We also had opportunity to share our thoughts on how this technology impacts the educational components of those entering our field and what we saw as benefits to quality improvement.

Daljeet’s article was fascinating and tied directly into a project I am involved with in my area of work… the article is something I plan on sharing with my team members when I return from Christmas vacation.

Here are Daljeet’s Articles:

Here is my posts, which will link you to the articles I selected:

In all I very much enjoyed my call with my learning partner… I was even surprised at the length of our call, as the time went very quickly.

Here are some great tips for conference calls that work well for web conferences as well, for anyone who may have apprehension about this kind of medium for connecting or learning.

I found this article on Students Perceptions of Web Conferencing by University of Delaware student – Sule Yilmaz Ozden an interesting read when thinking about things like Skype in a learning environment.

Web Conferencing Article


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