Being Authentic

I have often heard the phrase “I just want to be authentic” or “I want to come off as authentic”

What an odd thing to think about… or is it? I think perhaps these were statements of folks trying to work a new experiences or new learning into who they are.

I first gave this a serious thought when attending a leadership course for work. We were learning about “Coaching outside of the box” this included partner work in a triad where we would have an observer a coach and a coachee. The observer would ask the coach what they wanted to work on… for example I want to work on asking open ended questions. More often than not folks would say, I want my questions to be authentic.

In the same month I attended the Delivery of Instruction course for the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program on campus. This was a another time when working with classmates where I heard people say “I want to appear authentic when delivering my lesson”

In both cases there was a strong awareness of a want for an authentic experience to come across to the other participants. My observation was that in both cases of the participants is that they were learning something new, experiencing something new and in that they wanted to be guarded or perhaps I think found themselves subconsciously or even consciously are aware they are not being themselves or trying to work their new learning into who they are.

(This video was shared by Marion H from my PIDP 3240 class, which was very stimulating. )

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