The Future of Learning – SOLE

I came across this video on TED by Sugata Mitra. At first, I was not sure where he was going with his ideas on self-organized learning environments (SOLE). In the end, I found what he had accomplished was re-establishing wonder and questioning in place of memorization and pedagogical norms of “Here is what you need to know”

I liked his acknowledgement of the successes of the empirical machine of traditional education, I like even more that he see’s it as obsolete and encourages education through interest, questions and self-directed learning.

At the end of his TED talk he really hits it home for me. He shows students learning in the absence of a teacher…dont get me wrong, I do not think the role of the teacher is obsolete… what I do believe that our idea of the teacher’s role is obsolete.

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The Future of Learning – SOLE by Bryce Walker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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