The Flipped Classroom (3250)

I am currently moderating a forum in my PIDP 3250 Class on Instructional Strategies. I was assigned the flipped classroom as my topic; which has been a great learning experience as it is something I knew very little of and is something that would likely benefit the course I facilitate.

I believe this strategy to be useful as I have very little in class time to spend with my students, so I am always looking at ways that I can utilize the in class time more effectively. My research has shown me  that this will likely require more prep time for me and will adjust many of my existing learning plans… I believe the benefits are worth that investment!

The subject matter of the course is not widely accessible and as a result, many of my students will not have a background knowledge to attach new learnings to their past experiences in all pieces of the curriculum. By having some of the content and reading/review offered outside of the classroom I can ensure they are prepared for the limited time we do have together.

One of the main concerns my classmates have expressed in their forum posts is around knowing that the student has participated and completed the required out of class work. Further to this how will they know they have comprehended the information learned outside of the classroom… I think back to my time in 3240… Formative Assessment! be it a one minute paper, asking questions of the muddiest point or having a directed paraphrasing session at the start of class are all things I would implement.

I found this video very insightful as it gives great tips and tricks for setting up your classroom… it is a bit lengthy, but well worth it.


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