From Racism to Personal Experiences (3260)


As I have been reading the first chapter of The Skillful Teacher by S. Brookfield I came across an interesting reflection he noted on experience. Brookfield stated “Experiences can teach us habits of bigotry, stereotyping, and disregard for significant but inconvenient information”

What does this look like when we show up in our classrooms? What might the precepts built by our experience look like for others? In my PIDP 3210 class I wrote a reflection about how racism could show up within an implicit or hidden curriculum and how this could be detrimental to the learning environment.  What I had not explored was what to do about it when you become aware of it…

Brookfield stated that he had to learn to see his experience differently by opening up to others perspectives on his learned racism. I believe a person would need to be a big picture thinker or have a willingness to truly critically reflect on their experience in order to do this successfully, however, it is possible.

I had posted a video in one of my blog posts about being authentic; in re-watching this video now from a lens of reflection on how we can be authentic while acknowledging that there are pieces that are not convenient truths about ourselves, I have found yet another lesson in the video 🙂

I think it is important to be who you are. I also believe it is important to be aware of what makes you who you are and that this can show up in your profession as a teacher in ways that you may not have considered…the good the bad and the ugly. I also suggest you embrace it.

When we can embrace it and openly question it, then we can truly change how we show up or how Caroline McHugh puts it in her video move toward your wish image.

My intention in this post is not to necessarily impart a lesson or information for you the reader, I think my intention is to start a self-dialogue and awareness of these pieces… being a life-long learner is more than just learning and amassing knowledge, it is about personal understanding and growth… are you learning if the learning does not change who you are?


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