Ethics Policy Reflection (3260)

Our week 5 assignment for our blog includes commenting on professional ethics, I chose to start looking into what codes or policies exist within my field for my organization.

Strangely enough, I could not find any on our internal intranet, even among all the various policies and procedures for clinical ethics there was one for almost every clinical department from nursing to medical imaging, and yet none governing our clerical practice roles or education pathways! Nor had any really ever been reviewed with me in my 10+ years with the organization.

Does this mean there is a lack of attention to professional ethics? or rather that there is some assumption about the understanding and application of other policies?

We have policies around confidentiality, respectful behaviour, and perhaps this is enough in what is often a self-regulated work environment… Can we assume that a non-stated moral code is enough? I am not sure that it is… I plan to do some more digging and am hoping that I have just missed something here!

I will get back to this with some reflection in the coming week!


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