Ethics Policy Follow up! (3260)

I thought I should include my follow up relating to my other blog post

I have yet to find direct policies as I had hoped 😦 this being said I received a very intriguing opportunity via my inbox! It looks like my organization is hosting an ethics course!

The outline states this course has been designed to bridge the gap between academic ethics and healthcare practice. It integrates learning opportunities in concept exploration together with practical training in how to use ethics-based decision processes to work through real clinical and system-level issues in health care. The course includes instruction from prominent North American bioethicists and Fraser Health Ethics Services (FHES) staff.

As I look at both this upcoming course opportunity as well as my learnings in PIDP, I have a new appreciate for professional ethics… both my academic involvement and workplace seem to be moving forward on this level of engagement and have been making ethics more real for me in my day to day practice (not to say I am unethical) and what it looks like to make ethics-based decisions and use in problem-solving.


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