Lectures… (3260)

For this week I dove into the ideas and structure of successful lectures as a part of my reflection on Brookfield’s Chapter 6 of the Skillful Teacher on lecturing creatively.

I started first with thinking about which lectures I have felt engaged or could correlate excitement for new learning, I though mostly of TED Talks.

Interestingly enough much of what I was reading in this chapter linked up with a TED Talk I had watched when doing some study for my PIDP Delivery of Instruction course. While the video is focused on the speaking and engagement aspect, I think it is connected even if just at a high level.

At about the 9:20 mark of this talk, Duarte starts to unpack what the structure of a good lecture or speech looks like.

She mapped and measured Steve Jobs introduction of the iPhone:

  • Creating the scene for the product.
    • Brookfield noted similar in the idea of establishing the broad outline of the body of material.
  • Use of Video, Product Demo and Guest Speaker.
    • Bookfield noted the use of variety of teaching and communication processes.
  • Marvels at the product (iPhone)
    • Brookfield noted modeling the learning behaviours expected in the course.
    • Steve Jobs was modelling what he wanted his audience to feel.

Duarte spoke about the measurements she did on the engagement by noting the clapping or laughing of the audience. While this piece becomes a little difficult for teachers, Brookfield’s ideas on student judgements and the questions that could be asked in “Buzz Groups” could help in this area; as well this technique is helpful to gauge muddiest point and level of understanding within the lecture.

I also like the idea of introducing alternative perspectives and often do this now when introducing new ideas to students, to start the dialogue and to let them think for themselves…

In all despite having a bad rap, lectures is something I would be building into my course design, with careful consideration given to when it would have the deepest effect and meaningful impact to the learners within the course.


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