My Crush on Brene Brown – How it Impacts my Leadership & my Teaching (3260)

I had written a response to my instructor for 3260 about Brene Brown and how I was first introduced to Brene Brown relating questions she asked relating to the blog entry:


There was just something about her “storytelling” that left me wanting more. The great discovery within her book Daring Greatly is that she wrote just as she spoke, authentic and edgy, she had such unique views on vulnerability and wholehearted living.

In working through a reflective approach to reading Daring Greatly, I evaluated how I was showing up for those around me and how I was supporting them through how I could grow or change. I came across her Leadership Manifesto and it revolutionized how I approach feedback, be it in a coaching situation within the workplace or within the classroom.

Here is the checklist that accompanies the manifesto:


At first, Brene did not come across as someone who was offering a “self-help book” or a set of tools, which I think is a powerful approach to the topics she covers. Both my wife and I have taken different things from her teachings and it has been my experience that most people see different things, although this is not surprising as most people have different experiences that they are pulling out to relate to the material.

I wrote: Going back and doing a post-secondary course was an “arena” moment for me. Brene explains in her book Daring Greatly this concept of being in the arena… it is powerful imagery! It had been 15 years since I had last touched a textbook… sure I had been in the classroom as an educator, but I am very much an informal educator in my role, we are really talking facilitation of group orientations and workshops (no marks or credit, if you pass you can do your role, or have new skills within your role) and some this was scary, what if I failed at this new adventure? and I definitely had moments where I symbolically felt like I was face down in the arena, face marred by dust and blood… and as I laid there I had choices… lay there feeling sorry for myself, wondering what others thought, or I could get back up having failed and try again or move on… lucky as I am now approaching the finish line and ending my time in the PIDP program I can proudly say I tried again


Brene has recently released a book called Rising Strong which for me came at a pivotal time as it addressed failure and how to rumble with the stories we have made up or the images that we are holding onto as well as our relationships and communication. I was attending an action learning course called Thrive where I reported out on Brene Brown and Rising Strong… I guess it was impactful as the sponsor of the course went out and got funding for all the members of my cohort to receive a copy of Rising Strong upon our course completion.

Brene’s approach to vulnerability and the engaged feedback checklist revisted me as I worked through the ethical dilemma assignments for 3260 as well as looking at professional practice around feedback and encouragement for students…

Brene Brown also offers a teaching course “Daring Classrooms – schools rising” that is a part of my future plans to further my crush…err  I mean future professional growth and development 🙂

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