Life Long Learning as a Professional

Being a life-long learner is such a critical concept for all learners, and perhaps more specifically for those of us working in the field of education in terms of our professional practice.

Brookfield (1990) in his book The Skillful Teacher, touches on this importance in terms of relatability to students struggle in learning, emotional reaction to new learning, the challenge of a facilitation style etc. By continuing to expand our learning as educators we stay more closely connected to what this can feel like and how it presents itself in students classroom behaviour or struggles they may face in adapting to new material.

When it comes to professional development, most academic institutions have recognized the importance and schedule paid days to attend conferences and workshops on the newest teaching strategies, this also allows for time to be spent networking with other educators, which to me is truly the grassroots of life-long learning, it is an opportunity to hear from others in your field share their experience and application of new techniques. Creating a bit of a community of practice.

As I have shared in other blog posts, I plan on continuing my own learning through participation in the Daring Classroom courses offered through the courageworks organization. I have also been attending and plan on continuing to attend workshops offered by my organization in both leadership and education through our educator’s pathway and offerings through our e-learning portal.

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