My name is Bryce Walker I am a father of 2 and have been married to my high school sweetheart for the last 14 years…

I could say I always envisioned myself working in Health Care… that would be a lie… while I did give consideration to nursing post graduation I was never truly sure. I much preferred the idea of teaching or politics when I was younger.

Having a family at a young age changed my priorities and I started in an entry level position within the Health Authority. What has happened as a result is I have grown up in Health Care;  as the landscape in health has evolved so have I. In taking courses I furthered my education and found myself in a leadership position within my program. In my role teaching and facilitating has become a major part of my time with the staff I am responsible for. I quickly have established myself as a subject matter expert in my field and often consult for other Health Authorities and private care providers.

The need for a more formalized education in learning has become evident to me and has possible career advancement opportunities. The best part about this turn of events is that teaching was something I had been passionate about since high school.

Understanding and utilizing adult learning theories and curriculum development are key priorities for me in the PIDP.


Visit the BC Care Providers Association website for a small article on my role and background.

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